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Anonymous: Does h&m still sell Chelsea boots? I went and couldn't find them :(

Yes! Here are some: 1, 2 :)

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Anonymous: you posted matty's exact blue button down from the governors ball and i was wondering if you knew where it was from?

It’s from Urban Outfitters, I have a link for it in the style section xx

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Anonymous: I'm going to WWA your Saturday, should bring a flannel or cardigan to the show incase it gets a bit cold? Thank you! xx

Flannels are much better for concerts as opposed to cardigans! xx

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Anonymous: you probably get this alot but inspired the 1975 concert? only itll be mid-summer so something for warm weather? preferably not a dress if thats not too much to ask? sorry :/ xxxxx

I have so many of these, check my ‘concert’ tag :)

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Anonymous: Hey, hope you're having a great day/night! I have a question. From what stores (online shops work too) can I get clothes that look really similar to what Healy wears? (The simple white and black tees, jeans, shoes, jackets, etc) thanks in advance!

H&M has amazing basics and such, Forever 21, Hot Topic, Target has nice basics too, ASOS, American Apparel, and of course thrift shops :) there’s a longer list in my FAQ x

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wiskeyprincess: Were are you from ??

West coast, US :)

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Anonymous: Where did you goooooo? We miss you!

I am so sorry, my school and work are so demanding right now :(

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Anonymous: why did you go from perrie to matty?

I just wasn’t inspired by Perrie anymore, I didn’t feel like having a blog that revolved around her. My style has changed, I’m more inspired by Matty and that look now. :)

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Anonymous: I thought Matty is dating Gemma? xx

They’ve been on and off, I think they were off while he was touring and stuff. They could be on again but who knows. xx

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Anonymous: I can't find your personal account :'(

it’s electric-1975.tumblr.com :)

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